Saturday, September 29, 2007

Some Credit Card Debt Help Tips

The following are some credit card debt help tips that I have been advised on and am trying as much as possible to help myself get out of debt. I am sharing it here on my blog so that you might be able to consider them for your own credit card debt situation as well.

So here goes:

1) If you keep spending with your credit card, it will be an endless loop of spending and accumulation of debt. Therefore, stop spending with all your credit cards. Put them in a freezer or simply cut them up.

2) Draw up a budget for your spending, so that you will be aware of your financial priorities. Make sure your budget is drawn up with your credit card debt in mind as well, such as including your credit card debt or bill payments.

3) I managed to call up one of my banks and renegotiated on the credit card interest rate. I told them that I would like to cancel the card, and requested for a transfer of the whole amount to another bank, unless they could help me out with the interest rate. They agreed to lower the rate by a small percentage, which still added up to a significant amount due to my debt amount and this helped me out a lot.

I have also been advised to find out more about credit card debt help services, but I believe that I would be able to wipe out my debts through my own efforts. If I do seek out this avenue or find out more information, I will share what I discover on this blog.

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